Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ultimate Bikini Cuntbusting HD

Clip Description -

The next part of Ultimate Bikini CUNT BUSTING Hitting!!! Blow by Blow, the male karate fighter pounds Marta's skin-tight bikini clad crotch to a pulp. The most awesome Cuntbusting clip we ever filmed. Like in the previous 1-3 parts, he punches and kicks OVER and OVER again between Marta's long legs, landing well aimed blows right into her cameltoe! With each punch and kick, he slugs harder and harder... Lots of blows landed VERY HARD between Marta's long legs. We count OVER 300 hits in the crotch area in this clip! She moaned from pain and pleasure, till she is lying limp on the ground. To be continued... HD Clip - 1280x720 resolution. Price - EUR 22
Link to the store - Ultimate Bikini Cbusting HD

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